You Think Your College Course Line Up This Semester Is Too Demanding?

I found this at Alan Jacobs blog.  It is a syllabus for a class entitled English 135: Fate And The Individual In European Literature by Professor W.H. Auden at the University of Michigan in the 1941 – 42 academic year.  Sadly I have to confess I’ve only accomplished less than half of these requirements and its been over a life time, not a semester.  Why is that?  Whats the difference?  Were students smarter then?  Or is it because they didn’t have TV and Facebook?  I guess the better question is as a culture are we lacking anything by not reading the Greats?

W. H. Auden taught at the University of Michigan during the 1941-42 academic year. Here’s a syllabus from one of his classes. Hey teachers: next time one of your students complains that your schedule is too demanding, show him or her this.