Veterans Day

That’s right, as many of you didn’t know yours truly served in the United States Army. A fascinating chapter in my life. I was a part of the 7th Infantry Division which which itself has a long history of military campaigns and conquests.

A red circle with a green outline and black hourglass at its center

During WWI just before the Armistice from which we now get our “Veterans Day” The 7th Infantry “was shelled for the first time. Later it encountered gas attacks in the Saint-Mihiel woods. A strong raiding party made up of Hourglass (“Hourglass” was the unit insignia made up of black inverted 7s) soldiers sliced into enemy positions in mid-October and came back with 69 German prisoners. Then the infantry elements of the 7th probed up toward Prény near the Moselle River, captured Hills 323 and 310, and drove the Germans out of the Bois- duTrou-de-la-Haie salient.The first week in November found the Division, under General Edward Wittenmyer,
readying itself for the new Second Army’s drive against the Hindenburg Line. The Division launched a reconnaissance in force on the Voëvre Plain, but before it could shift into high gear the Armistice was signed and the war in Europe was over. After 33 days in the line the 7th Division had suffered 1,988 casualties. Returned to the States during June, 1919, the Division was gradually immobilized until 1921, when it was inactivated.”

Below is a chronological history of the 7th Infantry Division.

Dates Location Events & Campaigns
6 Dec 1917 Camp Wheeler, GA Division Created
10 Nov 1918 France Lorraine Campaign & Penny Ridge
11 Nov 1918 to Nov 1919 France Occupation Duty
24 Mar 1923 Camp Meade, MD De-activated
1 Jul 1940 Fort Ord, CA Re-activated
7 Dec 1941 Deployed throughout California as emergency Defense troops Sacramento Valley, & Northern Coast, Central Coast
Jan 1942 San Francisco, CA Construction of Defense camps
Feb 1942 San Luis Obispo, CA Mechanized Training
9 Apr 1942 Mojave Desert Re-designated 7th Motorized Division Trained for Africa
1 Jan 1943 Fort Ord, CA Re-designated 7th Infantry Division
Jan 1943 to April 1943 Fort Ord, CA & San Luis Obispo, CA Amphibious Training
11 May 1943 Aleutian Islands Attu landing
30 May 1943 Aleutian Islands Attu Secured
14 Aug 1943 Aleutian Islands Kiska landing And secured
Sep 1943 Scofield Barracks, Hawaii Trained for Pacific Islands
30 Jan 1944 Marshall Islands Landed on outer Islands – Enubuj (Carlson)
1 Feb 1944 Marshall Islands Kwajalein Landing
4 Feb 1944 Marshall Islands Kwajalein Secured
Feb 1944 Scofield Barracks, Hawaii Additional Training
28 Jul 1944 Scofield Barracks – Hawaii Division reviewed by General Douglas McArthur and President Franklin D. Roosevelt
15 Sep 1944 Departed Hawaii Destination – Yap Island
11 Oct 1944 Departed Manus Island Destination – Leyte, PI
20 Oct 1944 Philippines Dulag Landing
6 Feb 1945 Philippines Leyte Secured
Mar 1945 Philippines Training for Ryukyu chain invasion
1 Apr 1945 Ryukyu Islands Okinawa Landing
21 Jun 1945 Ryukyu Islands Okinawa Secured
Sep 1945 South Korea Acceptance of Japanese surrender
Sep 1945 To Sep 1948 South Korea Occupation Duty
Sep 1948 to Sep 1950 Japan Occupation Duty & Training
17 Sep 1950 South Korea Inchon landing
30 Sep 1950 South Korea Seoul secured
1 Oct 1950 South Korea Moved to Pusan for training
29 Oct 1950 North Korea Iwon landing
21 Nov 1950 North Korea Arrived at Yalu River
19 Dec 1950 North Korea Hungam evacuation
Jan 1951 South Korea Chechon-Tanyand-Chungju area
Jun 1951 South Korea Kumhwa Valley
1952 South Korea Heartbreak, Triangle, Iron Triangle
1953 South Korea Chorwon Valley, Porkchop Hill, Old Baldy, Dale outpost
Jul 1953 to Mar 1971 South Korea Camp Casey Defense Duty
2 Apr 1971 Fort Lewis, WA De-activated
21 Oct 1974 Fort Ord, CA Re-activated
1 Oct 1985 Fort Ord, CA Redesignated 7th Infantry Division (Light)
April 1987 to November 1987 Sinai, Egypt Multinational Force and Observers (5-21)
16 Mar 1988 Honduras Operation Golden Pheasant
May 1989 to Dec 1989 Panama Operation Nimrod Dancer
19 Dec 1989 Panama Operation Just Cause
30 Jan 1990 Panama Area secure
Feb 1990 Fort Ord, CA Support Training
Feb 1991 to Aug 1991 4/21/ INF Deployed to Sinai-MFO Security – Operation Desert Storm
1-10 May 1992 Los Angeles, California Riot Control
9 Aug 1993 Fort Ord, CA Re-designation as 9th RCT
9 Aug 1993 Fort Lewis, WA New Station for 9th RCT
18 May 1994 Fort Ord, CA Deactivated
15 Jun 1994 Fort Ord, CA Formally Inactive
7 April 1999 Fort Carson, CO Reactivation announced
4 June 1999 Fort Carson, CO Formal Reactivation Ceremony
10 July 1999 Kuwait & Saudi Arabia Deployment – 4 month Units of the 39th SIB (Arkansas)
15 Oct 1999 Kuwait, Saudi Arabia Deployment – 4 month Units of the 39th SIB (Arkansas) 41st SIB (Oregon)
Summer 2000 Bosnia Deployment Units of the 45th SIB (Oklahoma)
April 2002 Sinai, Egypt: Multinational Force and Observers (41st SIB: 1-186th Infantry) (Oregon)
Jan. 2003 to July 2003 Sinai, Egypt: Multinational Force and Observers / Iraqi Freedom (45th SIB: 1-180th Infantry) (Oklahoma)
Jan. 2003 to July 2003 Kuwait / Iraq: Operation Southern Watch / Iraqi Freedom (45th SIB: 1-179th Infantry) (Oklahoma)
November 2003 to 2004 Afghanistan: Enduring Freedom (45th SIB HQ) (Oklahoma)
February 2004 to 2005 Afghanistan: Enduring Freedom (45th SIB; 1/279 BN) (Oklahoma)
August 2006 Fort Carson, CO Inactivated
October 2012 Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

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