Aristotle on First Philosophies

640px-Aristotle_Altemps_Inv8575Thinking about Aristotle and first philosophy can make one consider the many “first philosophies” she might poses and reason from (at least it does for me). We all come at reality with our governing presuppositions, but are they helpful to us? That is, do they help us in understanding reality or do the hinder our understanding?

Aristotle seems to believe that there is no difference between reality and logic. For Aristotle a logical view of reality is a true outlook on reality or even further, being. So the problem for Aristotle comes in when we talk about sub disciplines as first philosophy. Sub disciplines are limited in their field of comprehending reality. For example geometry’s concern with being is only in so far as it relates to space. Botany’s involvement in reality is restricted to nutrition and growth of plants.

Aristotle’s point is, there seems to be a lack of universality in these sub disciplines that doesn’t exist with logic. Logic along with being or reality exist universally and thus are understood by Aristotle to be first philosophies.


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