The Paradox of Corporate Abolishment Movements


I understand the concerns but there is something paradoxical about this.  The premise is we are pro-working class.  Corporations are against the working class.  Therefore we want to abolish corporations that employ the working class?

At any rate, I just wanted to share this humorous photo that attempts to capture the paradoxical nature of this movement. My favorite is the hair dye by Clairol.


2 thoughts on “The Paradox of Corporate Abolishment Movements

  1. A corporation is really an effect of *government power* (force) which is used to create the entity known as a ‘corporation’ and shield it from market forces and from personal losses. They should really be protesting against this government power but they are confused and so they just ‘hate on corporations’ instead.

    This confusion is encouraged – if not created in the first place – by government schools and then via the corporate mass media. As a result we now have the OWS movement (a lot of them anyway) petitioning the government (the root cause of the problem) for help (laws AKA more force) to ‘protect us’ from corporations. Yet it is government force (laws) which created corporations in the first place – and which uses force to give them all our money in bailouts.

    Instead of protesting against government force, they protest instead against ‘capitalism’. But we do not live in a capitalist society (ie a free market).

    The irony is just too painful. When they protest against capitalism what they are really saying is “freedom does not work”… “voluntary transactions in a free market do not work”…… “Help us tame freedom by imposing even more laws and regulation on the system” ….. this is exactly what the government wants of course.

    They are asking the government to increase its power and control in order to save society from the ravages of a free market – which is the one thing we DON’T HAVE.

    If we DID have a free market (ie capitalism) then corporations would not exist by definition and we wouldn’t need to protest on the streets or petition any agency to use force against us to make things better for us.

    Instead, in a free market, we could just vote with our wallets and any evil businesses would either fail to prosper enough to dominate our lives, or they would simply go out of business.

  2. as lenin said, the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them. a commitment to anticapitalism doesn’t really necessitate a personal withdrawal from capitalist economics – as the picture aptly demonstrates, doing so is impossible.

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