Which Comes First, The Chicken of Consciousness or the Egg of Existence?


As my readers probably already know, I do not concede that time is actual, but rather is a product of man’s conceptualizing brain, by which he organizes his environment in service to the survival, comfort, and propagation of his SELF.

In light of that, I will tell you that the answer to the question posed in the title of this article is:  it is an irrational question.

The meaning…the definition of TRUTH isn’t one of cause and effect; that is, it is not  “Does existence cause consciousness or consciousness cause existence?”.  We waste MUCH time arguing “truth” from the assumption that it must somehow be a direct function of ideas man pulls from the ethereal recesses of his brain in order to conceptually organize his universe.  The idea that something which cannot be rationally argued to actually exist, like time, which cannot be observed apart from any material object…

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