Your Brain On Jane

New research showes increase in brain activity when reading Jane Austen.

“Surprising preliminary results reveal a dramatic and unexpected increase in blood flow to regions of the brain beyond those responsible for “executive function,” areas which would normally be associated with paying close attention to a task, such as reading, said Natalie Phillips, the literary scholar leading the project.”

You can read the entire article here. I sure would like to know what the research shows when people read Philosophical Phragments.


2 thoughts on “Your Brain On Jane

    • That’s a good point. It looks as if the research shows different levels of activity in different parts of the brain depending on the type of reading:

      “The researchers found that blood flow in the brain increases during such leisurely reading, but in different areas of the brain than when the subjects read the novel more closely.”

      I would like to think older literature stimulates more of the brain since generally speaking older literiture tends to pick up on deeper or emotional themes. But for this study it sounds as if it has more to do with the reader and their level of reading.

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